How Come America is Dumber Than Its Grandparents?

You know the WPA, right? That gave your grandparents SO much? Including an absolutely fabulous return on their taxes?

Now ask yourself why I can post this:

THANK you, America, for giving me a job and an education and helping with the mortgage. All of the people like me – the military – don’t defend your freedom, unless it’s freedom to drive farther on fewer dollars. And everybody’s flat-out admitting that the Poor are joining because they have no other job options.

So, really, you’re paying for the 21st-century version of the WPA.

Admittedly, you don’t get any major art projects or bridges or roads or parks or anything – and all you get is fried combat vets who are now complaining they were “lied to” after NOT attending the anti-war marches and calling everybody who did march “unpatriotic,” and snotty REMFs who think they’re the point, and populations in the middle east so screwed up by war they think beheading is a political statement, and stacks of useless military toys that will end up in the hands of out-of-control police officers terrified of black people and a debt you’ll never pay off, not even if you concrete over all of the Everglades or cut down every last tree to pay for it – but it’s a job, right? RIGHT? Aren’t you proud of what your kids will inherit? You must feel like a Sumerian as the droughts come in.

Nod your little pointed head, America. And thank you. Again. Your grandparents would Facepalm if they could. Or your great-grandparents. Back in the ’30’s. The DEAD ones. OKAY?