Facebook Scared of Pederasts

Oh, fun. Today I got this message from Facebook: “We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards:

Facepalm. “I didn’t join Feminists because they don’t include men in the dialog.” No doubt spoken by a mom with sons. You do know that anti-feminists are just pederasts of all persuasions – including the military – who want to get their mitts on your boy children and do with them as they please, with you having no say? My Sistah the Dork.”

As I’ve discovered and is being discovered by more and more men who realize that the reason the MRA movement hate on single moms is – the Peds want to get at the boys. And Facebook? The problem with social media is, no matter what you do, it can be reported elsewhere. Guess which side you proved you were on.

Ewwww. Additional information: now they’ve alerted me, I’ve googled “MRA and pederasty” – and it seems that even THAT may be a smokescreen for getting their hands on young girls. Oh, this is pukrous. Gag, blah, ick.


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