Try nailing Superman to a cross

I’m in the comic book industry. Listening to several religious thinkers Sunday, April 25, on Michael Enright’s Sunday edition, all I could do was compare the arguments to those of superhero fan boys.

It’s all long discussions over mythologies, made up by people, mostly males, it’s no more than fans on forums growling about whether Batman is better than the Green Lantern. In this, St. Peter and St. Paul are no more than followers of Superman.

But there is a major difference– no fan boy ever beat a woman for not wearing a burqa, or burnt a Jew, or threw a Christian to the lions. Fan boys haven’t even burnt another comic shop for carrying a book they don’t like. They don’t repress science. They prize education. They don’t base their beliefs — as all religions do — on who gets to breed the women.

The next time you’re arguing about religions, think of being in the same room as the convention hall at San Diego Comicon — there’s not a bit of difference between fan boys and the religious, except fan boys don’t hurt anybody, and in many cases they KNOW they’re getting huffy over the non-existent. They know they can be very ridiculous; it might do religious people some good to go to comicons and learn a little perspective about their own imaginary worlds.


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