Support Those Fighting For Your Freedom!

So… how come we as women are expected to  sneer at feminists who fought and died for all of our freedoms — and most of us do — but so many of us accept it when we’re told to support the troops who are fighting for resources and territory and not so much the rights of women?

Somebody clear that up for me, please?

Maybe the guys are right: women are stupid.  Otherwise, why would any of us side with the people who call our ONLY freedom-fighters Nazis?  We haven’t got anybody else BUT feminists who ever cared about our lives and freedom and health — so why do so many of us despise them?

Wouldn’t this by like a black person calling Martin Luther King a Nazi, for the same reasons?


4 thoughts on “Support Those Fighting For Your Freedom!

  1. I think most women think that the rights they enjoy today are perfectly normal and don’t reflect about the fact that they would not enjoy them if some women didn’t fight for it in the past.

    • Just tell anybody who says, “I’m not a feminist” about the comparison to how the people he helped would treat Martin Luther King under the same circumstances. We really do need to start shaming these people. And the people who promote using “feminist” as an insult.

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