Squid Factor

“Squid factor”  is the batty slippery grasping inky confusion of history, fact, delusion, timelines, hate & looniness that is right-wing debate.

It doesn’t always include screaming. It usually includes the line, “I’ve been studying history for years!” and then, when the person using it cannot define terms or communicate a point and is asked to do so, the line, “Well, you must not know history.”

Add to this the use of circular logic, that leads them to make pronouncements such as — heard recently — “The eastern bloc and the cold war led to the Holocaust.” When it is pointed out they’ve got the timeline backwards, their eyeballs jiggle as they attempt to make some kind of clarification to themselves before spitting out the next nuttiness, such as equating the Romanovs with the Communists — whatever the latter term may mean in their minds.

They usually believe some historical event their ancestors were involved in is part of a great conspiracy to keep it a secret.  They sound like NPR interviewing an author who claims no one knows about the Einsatzgruppen, regardless of the Wiki link.

These people are like clones. Their knowledge of history comes of disconnected moments they remember from the History Channel or some movie version, or possibly some romantic novels, along with the right-wing blogs that reflect their own confusion, or the kind of religious gossip that is rife along the Israeli/Palestinian border. They wouldn’t know historical rigor if it came up and bit them in the socks.

Then again, sooner or later, they’ll start telling you about what native tribe — usually Cherokee, sometimes midwest — their family is part of, and how they’re not accepted by the tribe. Perhaps their confusion of the timeline is part of a misunderstanding of Native American circular time?

I should note that the best way to set this off this raving is to threaten their rice bowl. They often work as part of the overall drug dealing/drug war/police/criminal system which is becoming a major employer in this country. It’s no use pointing out they work for Monsters, Inc. — being paid from the misery of others. Sooner or later they will hint, in more or less obvious terms, that “certain groups” need to be swept so that the world can be a Decent Place again. This may include anyone from “terrorists” (which in their minds can mean anything from anyone who speaks Farsi to the whole of Hollywood), but they seem to have a thirst to either wipe out the troublemakers, branch and root, or use them to expand the funding for the drug/cop/prison system.

Obviously to the detriment of the school system.


One thought on “Squid Factor

  1. These are the same people who enjoyed being psychological bullies in school — making snotty mental (I cannot say intellectual) taunts with an air of condescending superiority, hoping the sting would keep people from seeing that they thought little and knew less.

    Your description of their approach reminds me of the D-student who tried to regain some besserwisser traction by scorning a classmate who “didn’t know” that “Grandalf [sic] DIED!” in the Lord of the Rings, thereby betraying the fact he hadn’t read beyond the first book and didn’t know that a second and third existed.

    What does it tell us when someone cares more about making another well-intentioned person look foolish than about finding solutions based on all that can be known and argued about your choice of problems?

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