Whose Rice-bowl is this?

After several arguments with people who offer me all kinds of crap about the new health-care debate, someplace in the conversation they give away they’re associated with the health-care industry.

BEFORE you start discussing health care with anybody — if you don’t want your head to explode — find out if they receive any sort of money from the health care industry. Doctors, clinicians, nurses, medical writers, even janitors in hospitals. Every single one of them will argue for private health care, and offer arguments against those very draw-backs already part of privatized care. They’ll even tell you the government will force you to go to certain doctors or pharmacies — and what private insurance company doesn’t already do that? They’ll tell you the government will decide on your treatment or deny you coverage — how would that be any different, even if it were true?

Their rice bowls are being threatened. They can only see a future of shrinking paychecks — and it will be over your dead body.

Yes, I want to see that 1000-page bill posted on the net. How much you want to bet most of the riders are based on what the health-care industry lobbyists want? Let’s see this thing — it could backfire on the people demanding to see it.

Nearest just said there should be a debt-forgiveness program for all health-care workers, doctors to nurses to pharmacists, with huge college bills on their backs. Or they’ll stay in a constant state of panic over who is going to pay off those student loans. Let’s face it, as the boomers fall out of the system and the money starts drying up, those loans are going to get hellish. Who’s going to pay those? Not the CEOs of the health-care industry. All those doctors who were in bed with them they’ll just smother with a pillow (that’s a metaphor, for those people who don’t understand the word “rhetoric” — like in the recent Supreme Court hearings).


2 thoughts on “Whose Rice-bowl is this?

  1. It is important that we make sure that these types of events are broadcast by the media. We need to make sure that the American people see the entire debate – the pros and the cons.

    Open, honest and complete, that’s coverage we must demand.

    This is two important for ANY side of this debate to hijack it, to paint the others as thugs, terroists, or worse Nazi (Pelosi). If we cannot have open debate on an issue of this importance, what is the Bill of Rights about? Freedom of Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech — they cannot be just words on a piece of paper.

    Now is the time to cash in what we have fought valiently for and memorialized in every monument to our fallen soldiers, at Arlington National Cemetary and many of the other institutions such as VFW, American Legion and the like.


    • Exactly. As the right wing and their health care industry lobbyists spread lies and misinformation, we must get the truth and back them off, especially now, in the public forum that the internet offers us. I have been called a coward, terrorist and traitor for warning against going into Iraq, and I am very tired of being proven right and then having to listen to cries for care from the very people who called me names before they went off adventuring. Note: While we must feel sorry for those — in all cases mostly women and children — who died in the stupidities of the American empire and the idiocy of the 20th century wars — in which everybody on the planet acted as though they had lost their little pin minds — we cannot mistake the uses of any military. The military is formed to take, keep and protect territory; using them for anything else or mistaking their purpose leads to laziness on our part, who are supposed to the actual government in a democracy. It is up to citizens — not soldiers — to fight for rights and for the care of everyone in a society. As for “cashing in” on anyone’s deaths — not the way I would have phrased it, but we all write a bit quickly in public forums, so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you didn’t mean it that way.

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