Lies and Stupidities

Well, the right wing is lying like crazy about health care and somebody got stupid on the White House site. Or so it seems. At this point, there’s blood in the water — people are dying left and right as they are denied health care — and it’s getting crazy.

A White House site supposedly asked that it receive “fishy health care” information, because of the recent right-wing misinformation campaign about health care. According to the wording I’ve seen, it asked in a sloppy manner, that made it possible to interpret that the administration wanted to monitor everybody’s email. First of all, the language was like something written by an intern with a laptop. Or some middle-management schill trying to quash a problem and going about it badly. Secondly, would you really want to be the poor schmuck in a small administration who gets to monitor all that email? Any reporting will self-collapse. No KGB are coming to drag you away in the night, or — so much worse in so many Americans’ minds — make you let black people or Indians walk on the same sidewalk as your sister.

So much for dorkiness.  Now for just plain mean:

When my husband left work we lost thousands of dollars we’d paid into health care. I’ve spent years cobbling together some kind of dental and eye care, and making sure we eat right and take herbs. Now we’re on Basic Health — which does not subsidize our health care.  It subsidizes the money the health insurance company pirated off with when it got the chance.

Recently our health clinic nurses explained why complete coverage would not work for everybody, and couched it in terms of health care profits. I snapped, “I’m not a number. I’m a human being. I want my teeth fixed when I need it.” Their leader tells me “You don’t want government health care.” Hell I don’t — our government leaders all have government health care, and when I was in the army I had government health care. Hell, ANY health care is better than NONE.

If you’re of the younger generation and you’ve been denied health care, it’s because the industry has been harvesting us boomers for years, but as we retire, our money goes away. They’ve taken off with it –flat-out stolen it — and what makes you think you’re getting in on a 30-year-old Republican ponzi scheme as it collapses? Lotsa luck, kids.

Those of you running around squawking you’re living under the Nazis, now — torture camps and the Iraq war were built by Republican administrations. The right wing is still fighting to keep them, and keep health care away from you. But I don’t know if it’s any use warning or explaining any more; you’ll all just have to suffer because I guess you like it that way. Nothing else explains it any more.


One thought on “Lies and Stupidities

  1. I give up myself. A disproportionate number of those people yelling and screaming about Horrible Obama Socialist Healthcare are over 65 and already getting Medicare. WTF?

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