Plant or Stooge?

Recently I’ve been receiving posts from a new acquaintance. Supposedly she is “an old-time activist.”

She’s been feeding me blathering, screaming emails that are supposedly on our side. Whenever I ask for more basic links, rather than the nit-wit blogosphere versions, I’m accused of censorship.

Are we  running into the same kind of plants and stooges that tried to clot the green tweets on Twitter? The pro-demonstrator users outed the Iranian police and kept an eye on their attempts to block real news with nonsense.

Our own right is filling the internet with the kind of garbage our kind of people won’t read. They’ve figured out we’re turned off by screaming, so they’re using plants to block the real story with goofery. Certain bad guys in history discovered that intelligent, decent people cannot stand screaming and temper-tantrums. They used bad-baby behavior to turn us away from what they were up to. Need I name the most famous artificer?

I’m going to wipe the afore-mentioned person off my Parlor Tricks list, send out this blog link, and then put her back on, so I can send out alerts to real stories buried in the right-wing muck. We need to keep track of what the Right Wing underground is up to. She’s a nice clean feed for the dirty tricks. I’ll keep the wire up.


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