How Heatlh Care Works Now

1. Use a new healthcare industry to allow businesses to get away with lower salaries (Businesses stupidly went for this thinking it would weigh less).

2. Build a new industry and new jobs. Part of the deal was that as workers moved to new jobs, health care industry could take all their money from the last employer.

3. When baby-boomers retire, harvest their asses.

4. Let somebody else worry about all those bodies in the streets and in the emergency rooms.

5. Guess who gets to be “somebody else”? Not us Baby Boomers — YOU GUYS.


One thought on “How Heatlh Care Works Now

  1. I see where they are having a hand-wring up on the hill about an increase in debt under whatever jim-crack plan is currently being Rube Goldberged together.

    Funny how I have not heard a particle of news about discussion of the ways the rest of the civilized world keeps decent medical care available to their citizens without crashing the economy. Or the massive intangible benefits of a society in which your decision about what to do with your whole life will no longer be skewed by the availability of medical coverage in this occupation versus that one.

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