Right Wing Mindset

Starting a series of photos called RIGHT WING MINDSET.  If you can’t stand the thought that anything on this planet might be getting a mouthful of food, a board foot of wood, an inch of space, without you control it and get to dole it out, then, my friend (?) you’ve got a bad case of RWM.  Get help.  Get treatment.  Or get fucked.  Me and my little Canon will be out taking shots at YOU.
First up, we have a bus stop, on Yesler, Seattle, Washington.  Now, class, what makes this an example of RWM?  That’s right – nowhere to sit.  Because some poor, homeless boozer might be able to lie down in a dry place and get some sleep, the rest of us, including old women with plantar fascitis, children and working guys, don’t get to sit down and take a load off.  What?  A serf might be able to rest or read a book?  They’re not learning to read in our education system, anyway, so why would they need that?  Ayn Rand must be spinning in her grave (spin, Ayn, spin – preferably upright on something hard and hot).

Bus stop, Benaroya Hall, 3rd Avenue, Seattle, Washington.  Oh, look.  People at the bus stop might be able to walk into the ticket office and go the restaurant and cafe without having to walk all the way down the block and chance missing their bus.  Well, those bus people can’t eat or drink on the bus anyway, can they?  The guy with the crutches and the woman with the baby stroller shouldn’t be pounding down caffeine, anyway.



One thought on “Right Wing Mindset

  1. Love the identification of RWM. Add to that: “We can’t possibly offer a health care strategy that covers every US citizen because a fraction of a percent of the people using it might be non-citizens who snuck in!”

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