What “BIA” really means

(click on images for closeups).

From our friends in Neah Bay, I suspect (disclaimer:  but not an official council t-shirt).   There’s nothing funnier — and more appalling — than the truth.  Comedy starts in trauma.

We better hope all these people don’t start drumming for Holocaust Memorials — that’s a LOT of tribes to be building expensive mea culpa for.  You think they’d let us get away with 40 acres and a mule?

Anybody up for computing how many people we and our ancestors drove off their land, killed, infected, neglected, and otherwise persecuted by government policy?  And multiplying that by monies owed?  In terms of modern currencies?

If Israel can come back, then there’s no statute of limitations on national genocide and land theft.

And you thought the bailout would be expensive.  Pray all they want to do is build a nice, clean, art-supporting casino next door.

Maybe we can get training running the blackjack tables?

(By the way, the shirt flew out the door.)


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