I want my money back

Has anyone actually faced the REAL problem with free-market health care?

You have to pay for it the whole time you’re working.  Then, about the time you really need it, you retire or leave work and — what happens to the thousands of dollars your employer gave to the privatized health-care industry?

That’s right — the health-care industry takes your money and runs.

The Boomers paid millions if not billions of dollars to a health-care industry that took our money, and here we are in our old age with no health care.

And Rush Limbaugh is screaming about the Free Market?  Being forced to hand over money all our lives for health care we’re going to lose in the end don’t sound so Free Market to me.  We’ve been forced to create and prop up an industry, and we got little or nothing back.

Now my question:  how much stock does Limbaugh have in this industry?  How much of our money went into his pocket and those of the Pirate Bush Dynasty?

Unless somebody was getting paid off for this robbery, there’s no other reason to support it.

Questions should be put.


One thought on “I want my money back

  1. You can tell who’s been making out like fat rats while the decent, hardworking American people have been struggling, worried sick, doing without, losing jobs, homes and family members–these are the ones so viciously attacking Obama’s attempts to get things back on track. They hold the average working American in such contempt, and think we’re all so stupid (probably because the only ones they have contact with are the stupid losers who put them into office and support them) that they no longer seem to even care how obvious it all looks to anyone who can see what is going on.

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