The Libertarian Massa

The Hubbie and I were discussing the 3/5ths rule of the American constitution. Some idiot had claimed that it somehow decreased the legislative power of the slave states.


I was asking what the hell they paid off the rest of the early congress to get THAT little plum: “Fishing Rights?”  (I think you’ll get the “1776” reference.  Which I don’t dare mention to H. or we’ll have to watch it again).

He said they didn’t want to have to keep up the roads, canals, etc., of their states.  When I asked why the hell not? He said — and this is trenchant:

“They thought it was up to the individual to keep up his own roads.”

That’s it. That’s the whole basis of the Libertarian thought.  They want to be able to KEEP UP THEIR OWN PLANTATIONS.

Of course the idea is they keep it up, not by themselves, but by non-paid slaves or poorly paid or obligated tenant farmers.

They want their plantations back.  Massa.

This is the gang that reads Ayn Rand.  Will somebody tell me how the hell anyone ever got through a single line of Ayn Rand without throwing it down and saying, “Well, THIS is stupid shit.”?

She sounds like she came of the same class Gogol wrote about in “Dead Souls.”  She wanted her serfs back.

Guess who gets to be the serfs?


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