I want my government health care back!

All I ever hear about is the lack of veteran health care.

Vets come back from whatever idiot overseas adventure we’ve gotten ourselves dragged into, for whatever goofball reasons.  Vets are screwed up in the head, broken in body, blasted in future, and they beat on their families.  They come back here and – poof – they’re dumped out of the military, and then dumped out of the civilian health care system.

Here’s the trick, the clue, the point:  if you’re not being given health care as a former veteran, the problem is not lack of care for veterans – it’s because you’re a “former” veteran.

You’re not being given health care because you’re an American.  You’re not being given health care because your country has a greedy, stupid, rice-bowl-privatized third-world health-care system, that doesn’t take care of anybody who is sick, depressed, damaged, not married to a worker, and expects businesses to cover health care, instead of a pooled health care system at least on the level of Cuba’s.

I ran into two old Korean war vets in a local library who were bitching about health care, but they were only bitching about it as veterans.  They evidently expect to get health care as veterans.  They couldn’t hear about the homeless having no health care.  They couldn’t – I think physically and literally – hear about the sick, the depressed, the miserable, the aging having no health care.  They could only think about themselves, and how their country seemed to be screwing them over on health care.

Well, it’s about time all us vets stop whining and complaining about broken promises from a government that is supposed to cover all its citizens – and not just us.

You thought you were fighting for your country.  Maybe you were lied to.  Maybe you’re coming back and considering suicide because you were lied to and used like so many plastic toys.  But the reason your government can keep doing this to you is because it does it to the rest of your country.  So what the hell were you fighting for?  Who were you protecting, and from what?

More people are going to die, just this year, because a health-care system they thought they could buy into will refuse to use their money to help them.  Privatized health-care will strip them of as much money as it can get, and then throw them off their rolls for some stupid excuse.

One of their clinicians, when I changed my emergency health instructions to none – because if I was kept on life-support for 30 days, my husband would have to sell our house, and I would be damned if that happened, and yes, I will consider it murder – said (trembling a bit, I may add):  “You don’t want government health care.”

Yes I do.  I’ve HAD government health care.  I had all my lousy teeth fixed, my birth control covered, and my warts removed, on army health care.  The clinician had government health care when he was in the navy.  But he wants to deny it to me, the rest of America, and you, because it would crack his rice bowl.  Anchor-clanker pelican-raper.

Do you know why Canadians come to the US for health care?  Breast implants and face-lifts.  Yes, if they want elective security, they have to wait.  But if they cut their hands off with a chainsaw, or are diagnosed with cancer, or need a kidney, they go to the head of the line.  Damn straight I want government health care.

Our health care system already costs more than our bloated defense budget — where’s my damn hospital bed???

Fight for everybody’s health care, not just your own.  Get mad.  Get damn-well pissed-off and get into a fight that’s real, this time.  Don’t leave anybody out of the loop, or there will be a hole you can fall through, too.

Or be the crazy guy with a bullet in his head, bitching about how nobody helps you, thirty years from now in a library – because he didn’t get the bullet out, and he didn’t get to talk to a psychiatrist.  Because his third-world country wouldn’t get him one.

I know vets can get together for a cause outside their own group.  I saw Vietnam vets marching against the Iraq war.  I saw them protesting the WTO.  They’ve been there done that, being lied to by a government, and then come back and say “enough!”

Mobilizing the Vietnam-era vets should scare the hell out of the people who say we don’t want government health care.  Let’s see those assholes try to swiftboat EVERYBODY.

While we’re at it — let’s get the pharmaceutical industry, and all the congressmen and senators who are in bed with them, too.


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