The Michael Moore Model

An astute friend recently emailed me that “a lot of people don’t like Michael Moore.”

I’ll bet!  Moore gets between them and their victims.  He takes small boats to Guantanamo.  He faces off with corporations.  He goes to Cuba.  The guy must have brass balls the size of Houston.

Now if he could just retrain the victims to not be so stupid and listen to all the people who want to use and hurt them.

How to use Michael Moore’s weapons —

When I was in the army, I soon learned that as long as it was wearing a uniform, it could be jerked around by its own rules.

The suits are wearing uniforms.  If you don’t look like them, you can sneak up on them and drill them.

Soldiers think anybody out of a uniform can’t get them — and the suits are stalked by their own belief that anybody out of a suit can’t get near them.  They think somebody dressed like Moore — the harmless, stupid American slob — will be the usual serf-like, mindless victim.

Moore gets real close — and then he drills them between the eyes.  With one or two questions that they can’t help answering.

And he uses a method NO human can resist — phrase the question so it’s a LITTLE BIT wrong — the target will IMMEDIATELY start trying to correct him, and give themselves away, blathering details they can’t help spewing.  I use it as a jake-leg journalist, and it works every single time.  No human can resist.  I think it’s hard-wired.

It’s hilarious.  We love watching Moore do it.   He made that heartless asshole Heston run like a little girl.

ANYBODY can do it.  Get a video camera, dress like a dork, pretend you’re dumb and nice — (and they think you ARE), ask simple, SLIGHTLY wrong questions — and then Youtube it!


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