The Right Wing is a bunch of Softies

Ever notice the people saying the kids should be drafted are too old to be drafted?  Or already done service?  Or female?

Well, here’s MY plan for the draft:  18-80, men and women, NOBODY exempt.

If you’re a cute 19-year-old girl just starting college, you go.  If you’re a grumpy old man, you go.  If you’re in congress or the president — YOU GO.

Anybody who wants a draft needs to be included in the chance of getting grabbed.

I’m kind of draconian on the death-penalty too:  I’m only against it because the appeals make it too expensive.  And I do NOT want to live in a country without appeals ’till doomsday.

People like me — environmentalist, anti-war, pro-choice, pro-gay — are NOT for those things because we may be ignorant and soft.  We’re FOR those things because we can think out the tough consequences.

The right squashily squawls to send people back aboard the border — but how?  On trucks?  TRAINS?  Men women and kids lined up and hauled away?

They don’t want women to have a choice about birth control.  But do they offer any help for the babies?  Not a damn bit.  If they do, it’s because they’ve been forced to finally face the brutal facts.  It was religions who made pregnant girls into pariahs — and snuck them away in the dark for out-of-town abortions.

The environment — oh, this is where the true right-wing squishy-brains come in.  We just had a guy mow down an alpha bear up here — opening up the local bear population to a shakeup — and some of the excuses are:

1. The guy needed the food (he was an overweight bubba who probably got most of his food at McDonald’s).

2.  Bears eat all the newly-planted young trees — like the forests have no other use than being made into toilet paper, instead of letting us all breathe, and keeping the planet cool.

3.  Bears eat children.  I’m not even going near that one.

I’m really tired of all this right-wing emotionalism.  If somebody wants to argue for clearcuts or drag-nets, for chrissakes work out the consequences first!

And STOP coming around afterwards and begging me to clean up your messes for you.  If you voted for Reagan and Bush, and your kids were all hot and bothered to bomb Bagdad — do NOT come to me looking for help with PTSD.

You made these messes, you clean them up.  I, for one, am sick of wiping the right’s poopy ass.


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