Fair Warning

I just sent this to my email colleagues list.  It is not a threat.  It is fair warning.

“Dear colleagues:

I don’t want to send this message.  Like all of us, I have a lot of work to do.

But I just had a shocking thing happen — something I would never have thought possible with my colleagues, who are all extremely decent, humane people.  I am hoping I have an incorrect email listed for certain colleagues — it has happened before.

One of you emailed me and used the word “fag” in an angry manner.

Remember my Honorary Gay t-shirt?  If it upsets you, and you want off my list, please ask me, and don’t use terms like “fag.”  I can no more tolerate such language than I can the n-word.  Please do not use homophobic language when writing me (and I apologize profusely to most of you for even having to write this, but I never expected the email I received this morning).

If you are homophobic, you have the right to your opinions and attitudes, but I cannot allow those opinions or attitudes to effect other people, including myself.  I will post any such comment on my political blog (www.wolffood.wordpress.com)  I WILL out a homophobe.  If you want to stay in your closet, please do not reveal it to me.  I WILL out you — using your own words — and I will save the email.

Email is not private.  In today’s climate, we cannot tolerate homophobia.  But I don’t want to do it behind anyone’s back.

The person(s) who emailed me and used the term are being given the chance to explain themselves.  I am sincerely hoping it is not who I have listed, and that somehow there has been an address mistake.

I don’t want to post that email.  I don’t require an apology to me — I’m not the ultimate target of such abuse.  I would only ask that the party(ies) go to www.prismcomics.com and http://www.hrc.org/ and get acquainted with some very nice people.  And that they examine the roots of their homophobia and get help if they need it.

This is not the first time I have helped a homophobe overcome his or her disability.  It can be done.  Homophobes CAN change.  There is hope.

If nothing else, Prism is an excellent business connection, especially for comics people.

Donna Barr”


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