Take my neighbor’s goat!

A friend sent me a link to one of those men’s-rights films.   So just assume the original points from the film (which I know my readers can):

The film reminded me of the old Russian joke about the peasant who, rather than praying to God to have a goat like his neighbor, prayed to have his neighbor’s goat killed.

The film says war kils 98% of men.  War mostly kills women and kids in a war zone.  Which it did during our civil war and Indian wars.  The 98% war percentage quoted in the film refers to the US, which doesn’t go to war — it sends troops overseas.

The film says only men get drafted – but it’s men do the drafting.  Women didn’t set up the selective service — which originally excluded us as part of the effort to keep us from voting.  I’d be happy to see it change to include everybody — or, even better, to include nobody, and to make the military completely voluntary.  However, the military would have to address the problem of assault and rape on female soldiers, and assault on gay soldiers. Which I don’t understand — can’t these people obey orders?  WE had to.

“Listen up, you slimeballs!  No means no!  Keep your hands off each other unless somebody said YES — or end up burning shit until the end of the police action!  THAT’S AN ORDER!  This is like fucking dealing with fucking high school kids. Dis-fucking-smissed!”

The film says women have a lot of health-care organizations working for them.  There are a lot of off-side women’s health-care systems because within the regular system, women have to fight harder for care.  They’re correcting an original bad system, which, admittedly, can become extreme.  But rather than less health care for women — how about more health care for EVERYBODY?

The film acts as though the face there is domestic assault on men means women still don’t need protection from the majority of assaults.  There IS domestic violence against men — but rather than denying assault on women, shouldn’t we be preventing assault on everybody?  Home assault and rape is the reason so many kids end up on the street — and gays get scapegoated.

Re paternity tests and the claim that 38% of mothers are lying:  lying or testing most likely candidate?  We should health-care all paternity testing, so the real fathers can’t run and leave somebody else with it.  Or better child care (or extended families).  There’s a real soap-opera in that mess someplace.  And probably too much beer or whisky.  I don’t think I want to know ANY of the people in THIS mix.

Abortion and the father’s rights:  should anyone force anyone else to bear a child?  What do we do — institute paid surrogates?  More sex education so kids know how to use a frigging condom?  And why would a woman abort rather than carry his kid?  They must be part of the gang from the last paragraph.  Why is this beginning to sound like a Jerry Springer episode?

The film shows film and advertising of males getting it in the crotch:  of course that’s not funny.  So why do men keep MAKING ads and films like that?  Taking out the other guy’s balls is funny??  It’s not women making these films.

As for political correctness:  can I call you a testicle, and all that entails?  Or white boy?  Do you want me to?

And before somebody brings it up:  just WHO is more likely to follow you or me into the dark and assault or kill either of us?  If you have to guard yourself at night or on an empty street, it’s not against women.  Anybody who acts otherwise – man or woman — is going to be a statistic.

Of course now there are roving gangs of kids of BOTH sexes.  This just keeps getting prettier.


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