I get to vote on your rights.

California just voted that it’s all right for me to vote on your human rights.

So…. I vote that if any of you out there say that gay people are dirty, diseased, pederasts or an elite, you should be tied down and sterilized.

Because your genes need to get out of the pool.

(WHAT? If you’re going to ACT like the Nazis — using the same language they used about Jews as an excuse for your actions — you should take your own medicine!)

Yes, I’m pissed off. Yes, anger is based in fear. Jesus T. Christ, I’m a woman, and part Jew and part Rom!


You think I’m being extreme?  The Nazis used gay people as a test case to see what the Germans would tolerate.  Then they could go after the Jews, who thought they were assimilated German citizens.  Jews know about this process.  It CAN happen here!



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