The Helicopter Question

Sarah Palin is NOT about GETTING the female vote — she’s about SPLITTING it.

Her children and her motherhood were brought into the race to — supposedly — attract the women who were told they were disrespected by feminism because they think it takes away from motherhood.  The right has lied to them for years about this.  The feminists got women the vote, the right to work, day-care, equal pay, health care for women and kids, and made rape by husbands illegal.  Just for starters.

The right shoved Palin’s kids to the front of the stage, so they’re part of the discussion.

The actual question to ask is:  if you and your three kids and Palin and her kids were in a flood and a helicopter came down which could only take TWO children, would Palin practice noblesse oblige (Rank Has Its Obligations) and put two of your kids on board, sacrificing hers — or would she leave all of yours to save two of hers?

A public servant is supposedly just THAT — a servant.  The idea is that a public servant puts him or herself and everything s/he has on the line to protect the people.

Before you answer, consider what this woman thinks of women’s health care, the global warming, the state of the planet your kids live on, your kids’ future in a world inevitably without fossil fuels, education standards, religious respect and freedom, and which one of you actually gets the day-care.


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