Bring Your Own Snakes

The conversation in our house, after listening to NPR’s Morning Edition (and the first cups of home-roasted coffee):

NPR (Paraphrased):  “Some people still think Obama is a Muslim.”

Me:  “That’s just code for him not being their version of a Shoutin’ Religion.”

Hubbie:  “Obama’s a member of a church that’s just the black version of The Assembly of God.”

M:  “Yeah, but he’s not trying to using his church to form government policy.”

H:  “The only difference between his church and Palin’s is his church probably has a better choir.”

M:  ‘And they don’t have snakes.”

H:  “Not fair!  There are no poisonous snakes in Alaska.”

M:  “That’s not kind!  Are you saying those people are so poor and backward they can’t import their own snakes?”

H:  “How many Alaskan ERs have anti-venom laying around?”

M:  “They could import it with the snakes.”

H:  “They only need it for those rare occasions when an Okie bites somebody in an Anchorage bar fight.”

M:  “I guess the churches just have to make some more new converts; that’s why those’re proselytizing religions.”


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