NPR And The Monkey Trial

A letter to NPR’s Morning Edition:

The listener who was confused by your use of the audience-definition terms Upscale (for Obama) and Downscale (for McCain) didn’t get it because she’s Downscale.

Those of us in Upscale got it.  To clarify to your listener:

it’s not money, it’s education.  It’s the ability to think.

There IS a culture war in this country, and it’s those who are willing to face realities vs. those who have to be fed pablum.  The education system is doing its best to dumb down the population, but those kids are on the internet asking questions of The Thinking Class.  Believe me, they ARE.

Obama’s speech today to the “blue-collar workers” as Morning Edition stated it, made my point.  He used language such as, “I won’t take away your shotguns!”

These are the people who are being tempted to vote for a member of the Assembly Of God — one of the sects my husband says were always referred to in his childhood as “Holy Rollers” or “Shoutin’ Religions.”

We’ve got the choice of Elmer Gantry vs. Clarence Darrow.

I’m not voting for snakehandlers and shell-shock victims.


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