Note to Parlor Tricks

I have a political email list and this is in answer to recent comments:

HI, Parlor Tricks:

At least two voices on the list have pointed out that Palin is a distraction, and we should stick to what Bush and McCain will do.

Most of what I’ve gotten is FROM people on the list.  The right wing is displaying their values through her — they’ve chosen a pretty young mom as a stalking horse.  They don’t believe anyone can debate her, because in their minds You Don’t Hit Girls.

This is part of their worldview that sees women as breeders to be controlled, and to be paid less — even to be paid nothing — for the same work or volunteer work.  They are not our friends.

This IS their strategy, not mine.  She’s being used the same way they used Rice and Powell:  “Let’s get us one of them Black People thingies.”  They do not give a damn about women.  By choosing Palin they’re displaying their values in their most raw state.  And their followers are displaying theirs.

Call it a culture war or a class war — it’s not going away.  It’s the dumb, mean, frightened and servile vs. the educated, caring, brave and independent.  We’re not afraid of education or tolerance, and we’re not going to disappear.

As for Palin’s environmental record, she is from a largely rural state.  Believe me, rural people would burn through resources until they had nothing but desert without environmental controls.  I come FROM these people and these places, and they have no idea of what they’re destroying or throwing away.  They think it’s limitless because they’ve never seen anything else.  As long as they can get the last tree and the last deer and fish, they’re good with it.  When it’s gone they all whine about The Good Old Days, and blame themselves, but by then it is too damn late.

I’m perfectly happy to keep forwarding interesting and important political articles, but what is important to ME is the environment and gay rights — because what they do to LGBT they’ll do to me.

You want nothing but the Green Gay list?

=8O  <<<=  8=

(I’m going to hell for that emoticon)


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