Quick! Get me one of them woman thingies!

Hm.  John McCain named a woman as a running mate.

So, would one of these Old White Guys have ever chosen a woman for anything (now, now) if they didn’t hope they’d get all those disgruntled Hilary voters?

I guess he figures he can just run out and grab any female in the senate and he’s good to go.  Never mind Palin’s a life-long member of the NRA (with all that baggage) and is totally pro-drill.  The first thing out of the campaign’s mouth was that she was the “mother of five.”  Oh, goodie.  She can breed.  Crotch-product — THAT’s what’s relevant to political ability.

I don’t know why McCain didn’t just go down the hallway and grab the first secretary in the pool.  She’d have all the qualifications he thinks she needs to get the Hilary voters, and he wouldn’t have to pay off any political favors to anybody.

His age has always made who he chooses for a running mate important.  So the first female president gets in by default?

Oh, goodie.  Here’s my little head.  Pat it.


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