Let’s kill all the gay people

In the recent debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, McCain said that marriage is between a man and a woman.  He also said that he wants to “defeat evil.”

If a group of people are not allowed the same rights as other people in our country, then there must be a reason for it.  This reason, in the minds of the religious right, is always that they are “evil.”  “Evil” in their minds encompasses everything from the prostituted child driven by parental abuse to survive on the street, to the desperate drug user with no other medicine to assuage pain, to people who don’t put the penis in the right place, at least according to the religious right (grotesque as it is, what else is it about if not that?)

When the religious right says “defeat” they mean “destroy.”  Books and record albums must be burned, humans who have gone off the path must be hunted down and coerced or killed, or at least imprisoned, or denied their rights to the point their lives become impossible.  If we don’t agree to love as the religious right demands we do, then we need to disappear, with all that word’s historical coloring.  Don’t attempt to soften their meaning.  They want those of us who don’t live as they think we should to cease to exist, or to vanish into their growing prison system.  They’re dumping the mentally ill there, now, in the first steps of an historical pattern whose end we’ve seen before.

John McCain, in a very short line between ideas, said that gays don’t have the same rights, therefore they must be evil, therefore they must be destroyed.

If you’re going to argue against this, then what else could McCain and his right wing religious madmen possibly mean?



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