A Simple Lesson In Economics

There’s a lot of confusion up here over this, so I’ll keep it simple:
Capitalism works on a straight line.  It gobbles forward using worker base, resources, whatever, until it uses everything up and smashes into a wall.  Then it has to stagger around and go find something else to eat (see buffalo, cod, grazing land, fossil fuels).

Socialism — sometimes called “Communism,” although this is rare on this planet, at least since the industrial revolution — works in a circle (And before anybody starts squawking about the Evils Of Communism, that thing Stalin ran in the Soviet Union is now being called “State Capitalism.”).

This system goes:  take out, put in — and try to put in a little more than you take out.  Eat the big fish, not the breeding fish, and don’t destroy the wetlands that produce them.  Leave land and people and societies fallow occasionally – let things rest and recover and get going again, while using other recovered resources.  Basically, don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

One form of socialism that everyone uses is the biggest part on your car: the road.  Socialism also needs to cover transportation, health and education because EVERYBODY needs them.

When Capitalism works in a circle, it’s like a snake eating its own tail.  It eats all the big fish, then when they’re gone, the next smaller, fish, then the NEXT smaller fish.  It’s why the middle east — once a garden of fruit trees — has been eaten by goats and sheep.

And WHERE does our society come from?

Capitalism keeps wanting a bigger and bigger chunk, until the providers peel away to the next good deal.  It leaves behind those who can’t keep up — and yet if the pirates fall from the yard-top, they’re the first ones to dive into social services.  We ALL get sick and old, or have bad things happen.   We need someplace to rest and recover.

The fish need wetlands to rest and breed in.  Surely we’re as deserving as fish?


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