Which Rights are Right?

Recently, a local resident said she didn’t like my politics.  This is a GOOD thing.  There are a lot of people in this country whose politics are so toxic I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot latex-wrapped vaulting pole.

But today’s politics:  the religious right doesn’t realize they are being drawn into a trap.  Here’s the basic question:

Which comes first:  rights based on who you ARE, or what you CHOOSE?

Since we ARE our race, gender or sexuality, we can’t choose them.  However, we can choose our religion.

So…. which comes first:  your right to buy a house because you’re black, or your right not to sell to people who aren’t of your religion?  Your right to go to school if you’re female or your right to deny females the right to move freely in the streets?  Your right to control your own sexuality — or your right to deny medication because you have a flawed concept of biology based on antique science (ie religion)?  Your right to marry whom you’ve fallen in love with — or your right to deny somebody else the right to live together and raise their children together and inherit what they’ve earned?

The RR will keep trying to force rights to choice upon rights of being — until it’s finally dragged into the Surpreme Court.  There they will find that they’ve confused their radicalism with the constitutional conservatism of the newly appointed court.

I just want to see their faces when they find out what road they’ve gone down… and where they stand in the line of rights.


One thought on “Which Rights are Right?

  1. I hadn’t looked at the issue quite like this (though I completely agree with you). Thanks for the new way of explaining myself.

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