Take your pick


1.  If owners of a large Akita mix which snuck into a yard and broke the back of a sleeping cat insist on walking this dog daily past the house where the predation took place — in full view of the dog’s proven hunting ground, while other members of the target species belonging to several houses are available for the predator to see and note — are the owners:

(1) Malicious

(2) Ignorant

Or (3) Stupid 

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3 thoughts on “Take your pick

  1. You are certainly within your rights to arrange an “accident.”

    Alternately, it would be entertaining to follow these folks around with a video camera. Every step. Every day. Y’know?

  2. Arranged accidents can end up being defined as “premeditated murder.” As for following them around, the dog’s on the Humane Society’s Dangerous Dog list. Before it was listed, meeting the animal in the street was to be threatened and intimidated by its circling and barking, and not the kind anyone can just shrug off (There is no problem with the other big free-ranging dogs in the area; they’ve all been socialized and know how to behave).

  3. Later behavior: The owners turned the dog over to a small neighbor to walk past the predation area. Question: do you think the owners informed the innocent neighbor of the attack? Or of the possible repercussions of the dog escaping from the neighbor’s hands?

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