Dog protects seal

Where’s a video camera when you need one?

Buddha is a handsome, friendly black lab/greyhound cross.  He looks like Anubis with floppy ears.  He prefers to catch thrown rocks (his owner requests he not be indulged).

Last week, while strolling along the surf, intent upon looking for agates, I nearly stepped on a dark, speckled baby harbor seal.  He gazed up at me curiously.  Knowing his mother had either left him while she fished, or he was out on his own, I went around him.

Dan and I went our way.  We kept turning back to watch the seal through our Russian military surplus minocular.  The seal remained on the beach, moving up past the surf, unperturbed by humans walking by, even when the Clallam Bay football team boys came down to run in the gravel.

But then came Buddha.  Oh, no!  Dog and baby seal!  We were too far away to prevent an incident, but we should have known Buddha wasn’t a problem.

He carefully straddled the seal, which stared up at his belly.  Then he barked loudly and angrily at the water, obviously protecting the seal from the surf.  This continued for some time.  Once satisfied he’d done his duty, Buddha went trotting on his way, as the seal continued to watch him.

Buddha may not be the brightest bulb in the socket, but there’s no questioning he has a good heart.

(People have asked so heeeeere’s Buddha!  )


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