Give a Shit

I just realized why China is going to eat our lunch.

Go get the movie Mad Max — Beyond Thunderdome.  Watch it (It’s fun!).

Then ask what is the real difference between two of the movie’s societies, both founded by females.  They’ve both got light.  They’ve both got the same fuel.  They’ve just got different sources.

It’s not oil.  It’s not corn.  It’s not electricity.  Victor Hugo jumped up in the middle of Les Misererables to demand why society was being so incredibly wasteful of this home-grown product.  And he was only ranting about farming. 

The Chinese aleady know how to use and process this fertilizer/fuel.  Farms all across China are producing it for independent use on farms and in villages. 

We, instead, are using billions of gallons of precious drinking water to literally flush it away.  We are idiots.

And it’s why Josh Whedon’s Firefly  got it right about everybody in the future speaking Chinese.  The Chinese are going to kick our butts. 

Or the shit out of us — either reference in pertinent.


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