Tourism 101

Folks want to put in a bio-fuel plant up here.  It will run on wood waste from logging.  They say it will attract tourists who will see it as a green-friendly move.

But how will those tourists come up here if they have to drive by the clear-cuts that provide the wood waste?

Anybody who thinks that green dollars will be spent on logging museums has not been doing their homework.  The kind of tourists who come out to see forests do not view them as a monoculture “crop.”  They view them as ecosystems. 

Ecosystems are far too complicated for humans to deal with over long term, at least in monocultural terms.  Cropping sees alders as competative “weeds” and poisons them out.  Ecosystems require the alders as the nitrogen pump that will support the future wood crop.  Ecosystems pump oxygen back into the massive planetary air system — a system far too vast and complicated for us to control or provide for.

Cropping = short term.  Ecosystem = long term.

Or, to put it in generational terms:

“I only care about my own livlihood.” vs. “Where are my grandkids going to live?”

Ecosystem tourism no more wants to visit a museum of frontier logging than they want to see the history of the buffalo hunts — except as a planetary mistake.  If people want those green dollars they’re just going to have to accept that those are histories that will not attract a living. 

Because the people who don’t care about the green are the people who can live with nothing but concrete.

Sequim, anyone?

(While I’m at it, I’ll note that, as the child of a paper-mill town, fermenting wood stinks to high heaven, and the massive chemical influx sends out fumes that peel paint off the walls.  Fermentation-mill towns are not tourism towns.  They stink, they need masses of water — which we’re already short of — and they will knock health costs through the roof.  THINK.  RESEARCH. FIND OUT FIRST.

Oh, and as a artist and publisher:  wood paper is the crappiest paper on the planet.  And not just for the high acid count.  It’s only useful for toilet paper.  That’s right — we’re flushing our oxygen-production system down the crapper, along with our water.)


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