Embarrassing Legals

PLLLEEEEEZE all the white people stop the argument about “legal” or “illegal” aliens.


Most of the “illegal” aliens are part native peoples.  Their ancestors were on this continent a lot longer than ours.

My first white ancestors got here in 1632.  We were totally illegal.  We stole everything in sight.  Later on, we set up that Ellis Island thing and convinced the rest of you gullible newbies that you had to go through us to be “legal.”  You might as well have gotten passports from the mafia.  My later ancestors fell for the legal/illegal thing, too.  But then, the early thieves were English and the later applicants weren’t.  The English can always fool the Swedes, or, in my case, the Germans.

And please stop arguing about legal/illegal in the local papers.  Or claiming you’ve been here for 3 years longer than the other white guy.  I can just hear the Makah and Quilleute laughing their butts off at us.  Rueful laughter, but laughter all the same.  Jeeze, I have to pass these people in the mini-marts.

Stop making us look like bigger idiots than we already are.


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