“Values at Home, Facts at School.”

“Values at home, facts at school.”   A throw-away line in a political email received this morning.

This should be THE rallying cry of ALL campaigns to make families take responsibility for their own children. Religion in school, no sex education, control of the sex lives or book or movie content by or for consenting adults — it’s ALL about families refusing to act like the parents and forcing the rest of society to take over the role of parents.

These parents should realize that if they insist on treating their children as wards of society — then society may very well decide that the parents themselves have given away their own rights to raise their own children.  The parents themselves are abrogating their rights as parents. 

“It takes a village” has become an excuse by parents who don’t want to be in charge of their own kids.  The rest of us are supposed to watch their kids’ morals, religious choices, even what they read or whom they fall in love with.  Since when is that our business?  If the parents had been doing their job properly, the teachers could be teaching math and science and art and civics (remember those?) instead of worrying about whether or not Little Johnny is drooling over the latest Kill-Count video game.   All we ever hear is “A child may see this,” “A child may do that.”  Where the hell are the parents of these children?  Who paid for that computer or library or bookstore?  The kids?  Why do the rest of us have to put up with laws that control us as though we’re children — when the parents don’t seem to want to be there for their kids in the first place?  What kind of parents are these?

We’re all getting sick and tired of parenting kids we never chose to bear ourselves, and parenting them by proxy according to rules that the parents who ignored them in the first place insist on our following.  Talk about an issue of Choice.  If we have to do it, we may be forced to get tough — and the parents don’t have to worry their little pointed heads about taking care of their own kids any more.

“It takes a village” could well become “The village takes OVER.”

And since the village really doesn’t want to, that may not be a pretty picture.



3 thoughts on ““Values at Home, Facts at School.”

  1. I like this. I may end up quoting you.

    One thing I like to point out to people is that, in the old days, people we’d classify as “children” often did fill adult roles, and quite often, did very well. Both sides in the US Civil War had general officers who were too young to vote, and there were young men who were commanding ships (military and civilian both) before they were out of their teens.

    This issue is, at seventh and last, why I’m opposed to publicly-funded schools: they inevitably become political footballs, with factions of parents fighting to indoctrinate everybody’s children with their pet neuroses.

  2. “why I’m opposed to publicly-funded schools”

    Well, coming from a province (Saskatchewan) where the population was always too low to interest anyone in starting up private schools, and thus where public schools were… public, I am not opposed to them. Kids from many different immigrant backgrounds, religions, languages, all went to the same school, where as Donna says, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, Civics were applied equally across the board. Interestingly Saskatchewan, with a public school system, public water, power, roads, co-op grocery stores and hardware stores, community owned credit unions vs big banks, was a place where public meant “for all”, where all were interested in quality, because if it was bad for the neighbor kid, well it was bad for your kid too. I have no idea how “public” has come to mean that strident interest groups get to dictate the lowest common denominator, the most ignorance (each parent getting to say what they don’t want the state to teach “THEIR” kid, and thus what all the kids can’t know), the most partisan. Public education should be like public water and streets: it should be open and available with a few civic rules to ensure equal and quality for all future citizens. Yes they are YOUR children, but they are OUR citizens. Citizens of countries with freedom of thought, speech, an expectation to individual knowledge and decisionmaking, an exercise of free will of ADULTS. Not the childish masses ignorantly (due to overprotectiveness) goosestepping to the dictates of hysterical censors and thought police.

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