Islam and Democracy

While on his recent visit to Indonesia, President Bush said that Islam and Democracy can co-exist.

Can any religion co-exist with democracy?

Religions do not support freedom, equality or privacy.  Unless religion is constantly watched and controlled, it turns to repression and violence.

In all cases where people are free and equal, religion has been in opposition.  Religion must be defeated to guarantee women the vote, black people equality, gays existance.  Nothing free or decent comes out of religion.

In the United States, religion must be guarded or it will place repressive and inequal laws upon all the citizens, including those not of the religion placing the laws.

Islam cannot co-exist with democracy.  Neither can any other religion, without the vigilance of a free people.


2 thoughts on “Islam and Democracy

  1. Very well said. But, as I’ve been saying a lot lately, you cannot, through reason, change the mind a person who did not come to her opinion through reason. We’re fighting an uphill battle against superstition and greed when we take on religion. Not that the victory wouldn’t be worth some sacrifice but we’re not likely to achieve anything meaningful for a long, long time.

  2. There are still many people who want all the blacks and gays and women to Know Their Place.

    But do we allow them to act upon their cruel beliefs simply becauses they are their beliefs?

    Women and blacks and gays died and are dying to achieve their rights.

    The fact that we’re having this conversation right now — that women can vote and gay people aren’t beaten to death for holding hands in public — means we’re moving ahead now.

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