Bitching and Moaning for the Masses

I was recently accused of being a “little ray of sunshine” because I complain all the time.

The reason I complain is I am sick and tired of listening to everybody ELSE moaning.  And nine times out of ten it’s for something people like me warned them not to do.  Why do we have to put up with all the grousing NOW when we told them not to do that THEN?

If you don’t LIKE the Taliban, then don’t shake their hands and send them weapons and call them and their ilk the moral equivalent of America’s founding fathers.

If you don’t LIKE your troops getting sniped by people who don’t want them in their country, then don’t start wars to stabilize a region just so you can get cheap oil (oh, enough with the “We’re building democracy.”  You don’t like it when they vote the way you don’t like.)

If you don’t LIKE heavy industrialization and Wal-mart using your home as a temporary money pump before abandoning a junker concrete hanger and small desert in the middle of the community, then look at your possibilities for clean industries and don’t screw up your chances by destroying what you have.  There are people on formerly beautiful coral islands mourning the desert wrecks their children are starving on because they didn’t have sense to keep out the guano-mining industry.

If pollution and forest destruction cause your kids to choke and ultimately starve and die of disease, at least try to understand how it happens!

Just please, please, PLEASE don’t expect me to get in line and mourn and whine with and pity you and yours when I and my friends marched in cold winds and talked our brains out and at least TRIED to get you the information in an attempt to keep you from going off the cliff.

Or at least don’t get all offended if I stick my fingers in my ears and go “La la la I don’t HEAR you!”

I COULD be doing the mean thing and snapping:  “WE TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT.”


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