Art Boy

At Al’s last night, a customer brought in a delighted child.  I kept having to tell him “Let the grownups finish, honey; we can only think about one thing at a time.”

So finally this tiny excited blond thing shows me a big ornate scribble of dark red with a space in the middle, with an odd tiny shape inside it.

“Neat!” I said.  “A bird in a tree!”

Was that a happy kid or what?  His first non-family arts recognition.

After all those kids yelling about the football game in the rain Friday, in comes a kid with the actual potential to do something after he graduates. 

I gotta get these kids some more art supplies, and some arts grants.  They HAVE to have something they can do and be proud of after they graduate.

Like was said at the preschool class:  “You can be a football player AND an artist.  Then when you graduate, you’ll be able to do wonderful sports arts for the sports industry — and you’ll know all about football already and can sell really fine paintings to the networks and newspapers.” 

Most kids won’t be able to play sports professionally, and it can make them sad all their lives.  For somebody who’s been a sports hero in a small town team, it can shatter them.  If they know that football is a game, while art can serve them all their lives, they might be able to rise above that terrible cliff.

Art saves lives, in more way than one.


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