Wind In The Face

Well, we were thinking of going to the beach today.  After all the digging up salmon berry bushes in the yard, and putting a few extra touches on the temporary garden shelter in the back.

But it’s one of those StormFest days — brilliant clear sunshine, the Strait of Juan de Fuca running before Vancouver Island is dark blue-black, chopped with whitecaps where the wind’s been axing the surface.  It’s the East Wind — and when they say that up here, they mean a wind nobody wants to face.

We’ve seen a lot of neighbors strolling down to the beach with their dogs and the wind at their back.  But on the way back, everybody’s hunched, eyes squinched, even the dogs.  The East Wind is getting them straight in the face.

We’ve done this a lot of times before, but after all the stress lately, we’re working in our cozy double-insulated double-wide with the new roof and the wood stove.  On a sunny winter’s day, we often don’t fire up until evening, because the place acts like a solar house.

When we’ve straightened things out here a bit, we’ll be ready for the winter scallop harvest.  We’ll be prepared to hit a bracing wind and ice up the fingers cleaning shellfish for two-inch-wide hunks of pulsing sweet pink meat.

But there’s nothing to eat out there today that’s worth the cold, and nothing to see today but the view — and we’ve got that from the window.

Hot fresh garden potatoes on the woodstove tonight!


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