Heavy metal art supplies

You heavy-metal artists — the ones who weld together industrial parts — better think about getting up here before some other welder buys all the metal bits up here and then has a huge show in Berlin you can’t compete with.

The sawmills up here are full of tons of industrial scrap metal, giant old saws, gears — whatever you’re looking for, you can get it here.  A lot of the owners will be happier than heck to be able to sell it as art supplies rather than wholeselling it cheap for its worth in metal weight.

And yes, I’ve already warned them about giving this stuff away to you for nothing.  There’s stuff from the 1950’s up here — tons of it (literally).  There’s stuff from the 19th century up here!

Come up and invest in heavy metal.

Bring lots and lots of cash.


2 thoughts on “Heavy metal art supplies

  1. you stumbled onto my secret, check out my blog all of my art is recycled saw mill “stuff” head rig carriage cable for the knives, round saws for more knives band mill saws for the outdoor sculptures.

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