Good Dog!

It’s amazing to watch somebody showing this kind of loyalty to their animals.  There’s loyalty and there’s loyalty.

Most dogs up here, no matter how big, are cool.  Well-socialized, easy folk, who understand that they are NOT alphas around humans.   I got lots of friends among the local doghood.

But — one dog up here is an exception: so far, it’s annoyed or infringed on four households:

1.  Annoyed neighbor’s pets to the point that the owner got the neighbor’s dogs locked up as dangerous.  That’s one house.

2.  Killed another neighbor’s cat in our yard, behind our house.  That’s two more households.

3.  Is still being walked where it’s annoying some more neighbor’s dogs.  That’s at least one more household.

4.  Potential for more household hell:  It’s walked in front of two households with cats.  Now it’s killed one cat, it’s on the lookout for more — you can see that head up, alert, hoping for more prey.

5.  Wholesale action:  Whenever the dog got out, away from its owners, it trailed people down the street, barking and threatening.  Thank god the cat-killing got it locked up as dangerous.  Of course, the owners are still walking this thing around the neighborhood. 

The owners, however, have shown absolute loyalty to the dog.  So far they’ve:

1.  Lied about an open gate, when it was a broken fence the dog went through.  I helped ’em drag a stove in front of the broken hole.  It’s in the police report.

2.  Walked their baby in the rain or wind, on their backs, so the dog gets excercise.  The kid isn’t even being looked at, so long as the dog gets all the attention.

3.  Lied about the necessity of taking the dog around another part of the neighborhood away from a predation area, with the excuse that the neighbor’s dogs were running out and barking at the dog and the baby.  The way this dog acts, I would HOPE the neighbor’s dogs are protecting their yard from it!

The dog is the absolute master in that house.  And people say I spoil my cats!  Then again, my cats are never going to have the capability to break other small animals’ backs, or rip off an adult human’s calf or kid’s face.  This is the difference between cats and dogs.  I grew up with a kid who got scalped by the family dog.  A local librarian’s dad had to shoot the family dog when the kids came home one day and the dog tore out after them.

Love dogs — but don’t have any delusions or illusions about them as full-fledged big predators.

This just keeps getting better and better.

(I’m often out in the yard with a shovel, digging up plants.  This dog gets off its leash someday and heads for our yard, even just to bark at me, and the problem will be taken care, on the spot.  I’ll probably have a hole all ready.  A nice fertilized place next summer to plant tomatoes!

Then people can take a bite and say, “MMMM!  GOOD dog!” )


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