Between Sequim and Neah Bay

Recently the Forks Forum reported a contest about which town was warmer:  Sequim or Forks.

Forks was all excited about being warmer.

Well, d’uh.  Both of ’em have got about as many trees as Los Angeles, and Sequim has the sea breeze.

And exactly why would any town hope it’s hotter than someplace else, in these days of global warming?  Trying to chase away possible home buyers?  Or just attract old people, who are too old to care about skin cancer or water shortages any more?

Clallam Bay is kind of stuck in the middle.

Neah Bay — the Makah nation — has been making some real interesting moves, lately.  I’ve heard the Sheriff complain that their police aren’t cooperating as closely with the Clallam County police.  They’re thinning their forests instead of clear-cutting.  They’re looking at Austin-style rainwater collection.  They’re working to generate electricity from wave action.  They’re teaching their kids to respect the culture, speak the Makah language, and eat the original native foods.  The parents and teachers are quietly asking for a greater role for native values, based on native stories, in the school curriculum.

I dunno about you, but to me that looks like the Makah are getting ready for the day the white folks screw everything up.  They’ll be set.

Now you can ask yourself — which way do we want to go?  Do we want to get hot and possibly Wal-marted like Forks (and you know how that usually ends, once the big W has bribed a community with a few paltry jobs and shipped out all the local money) — or do we want to develop tourism based on beauty and health for the future, that is,  the next generation and beyond? 

Clallam Bay and Neah Bay have always been close. Everybody’s related.  They all go to each other’s ceremonies and parties and funerals and celebrations.

Think about it.  Which way is better — up the coast to a windswept healthy future based on a surviveable past — or inland to concrete and heat?


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