Church and State

Okay, I got words for you religious folks out there in the faith-based initiative money hand-out.  I catch any of you using your position to shove your religion — ANY religion — monotheistic testicle, goddess-based, death-god, shaman — down the throats of your clients, you’re getting reported to the bean-counters who handed you the money in the first place.

This doesn’t mean you can’t talk religion. Or mythology. Or science — although the latter is usually awfully funny when you do it. You evidently don’t know that when you try to combine religion with science or the scientific method, you get magic. Or, if you BS it enough, alchemy.

While we’re at it, the Big Bang is not about Creation. Science doesn’t give a big whip about creation, or whether there was one or not. Science is about what can be observed and measured by anybody at any time, not about what you make up or see during delusions or claim you see. The Big Bang is about which way the galaxies are moving.  If you attempted to mix faith and theory together in the 16th century, your own churches would have burnt you for heresy.

According to the Mojave, a god created the world, and passed it on before dying to his son when his daughter witched him to death. The son finished the creation, then transformed into a stinking fish hawk and flew away.

Makes a hell of a lot more sense as a religion for responsible adults than a religion where a bad-tempered abusive daddy keeps his kids on their knees, begging for his love, whimpering for papa to keep them alive so they can serve him (with the Foley business lately, “kids on their knees” and “serve” isn’t something we want to bring up, is it?).

If there was a creation, it’s likely nobody’s running it. If there is, according to your religion, it must mean the gods are mean, arrogant, vicious, cowardly, bullying assholes. If creation is running itself — whether created or not – then it just means that Shit Happens. Nothing is unfair, or intentionally bad. It just happens. There’s no reason to feel that anybody Up There is out to get you.

The fully responsible adult universe really runs on the Golden Rule. What goes around comes around. If you are rotten to others, they’re liable to get rotten to you. Tease a leopard — or slog around in its hunting territory — and you’ll get what you deserve. As my mother always said to a scratched kid: “All right, what did you do to the cat?”

 Karma? You know that word? Act up, and get hurt by what you’ve hurt — not some imaginary god waiting for you in the afterlife.

Do you believe in an afterlife? What if I don’t? Does it matter? I believe that if you make heaven here, you get heaven here, and the same with hell. You believe the same thing about the afterlife — if you’re bad in this life, you’re going to your hell.  If you’re good, you get good.

BUT — even if I don’t believe, if I’m good in this life I get heaven in your afterlife.  It’s win-win for me.

How far do you think you’re going to get with YOUR righteous god if he finds out what you’ve done to his forests and his fish? Call it the wrath of god, call it disease, cancer, starvation or asthma — the universe will get you. I can go according to my beliefs and I’ll be all right in your afterlife. You, however — what makes you think your cosmic daddy’s going to be nice to you if you’re not nice? He’s a pretty bad piece of shit.

Here’s the basic rule:

Make nice.

Because it can get real ugly, real fast.


4 thoughts on “Church and State

  1. Just out of curiosity: Reading your last entries make me think that you are now an Atheist. Is that right? I rememberd you being spiritial in past times. Do you actually believe in anything beyond physical existence?
    As I said, this is just out of curiosity, I perfectly respect any possible answer, since I don’t feel any urge to have people sharing my beliefs.

  2. Religion isn’t science. They have nothing to do with each other.

    I do not believe in patriarchal universal monotheism. If there IS one big daddy god, I want to kick him, hard, as many times as I can.

    As for my belief in spirits, ghosts, life-force, forest spirits, etc. — those I can live with. They’re fun, or comforting, or just pretty, as I need them or perceive them.

    But the Christian God I want to chase down and beat very very hard with a great big club.

  3. Well, let us sort out things: I don’t believe in monotheistic Gods either – do they name Allah, Jehovah or Christ – but this doesn’t make one non-religious per se.
    I think people who don’t believe in monotheistic religions but in other “invisible beings” be them Ghosts, spirits or other have a right to call their faith “religion” too, if they want.

    So we should keep in mind that ranting against “religion” means ranting against ANY belief, also such personal ones. Its okay if you really do reject ANY form of transcendental system. But otherwise, rant against monotheism.

    As I said, I don’t believe in the monotheistic asshole-God. Or better, I do believe (a bit like the ancient Gnostics did) that the bible God DOES exist but he’s a vile little psycho possesed by the idea of being “the only one”, while he isn’t.

    So he controls people to prevent them from finding out.
    according to my faith, the Gods are not all-powerful, they are greater spirits embodying a lot of basic forces and the mix of thoses forces are the energy of exsistence. There’s no “big Daddy”.
    But these are just my personal beliefs, or religion.

  4. Semantics, shemantics.

    We could call this religion or mythology or scared-of-the-boogies-under-the-bed.

    If there’s anybody runnning this system, I can’t stand it.

    But if it’s just happening — to the ghosts as well as to us — then I can bear it.

    Ghosts and spirits and boogies are the same as us. Nobody’s in charge….

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