At least the Forum doesn’t play with the verbs

Re my article in Friday’s Peninsula Daily News: 

I did NOT write that Bob Nelsen “gave up” after attempting to fight the fire at his house.  That is editorial messing around by the PDN staff.   I did not send in an article with the word “Superintendent” twice, one right after the other, in one sentence.

I did NOT cut Margaret Owen’s head off in the arts article.  That is PDN staff layout sloppiness.  I think we’ve ALL seen the screwy PhotoShop’d images, including the hilarious one with the deer at Lake Crescent?

I also gave everybody credit for their prizes at the Arts Festival.  The only thing the PDN left in was references to John Brewer’s fish.

Now for the Forks Forum:

I did NOT pluralize the last names in the Cranberry article with apostrophes, in the possessive manner!  I know how to use plural and possessive and not mix them up!

So there.


2 thoughts on “At least the Forum doesn’t play with the verbs

  1. I thought it might be of interest to you that Erin Pamplin won her award in a fair and balanced vote. Her mother and father did not even vote in the contest and arrived at the center for the harvest dinner. They were quite surprised when they read your article saying that they had voted for their daughter (which would have been a normal reaction for ANY parent). Erin was so excited to win her award and I wanted you to realize that 2 other people voted for her entry. Her parents have not mentioned this to her as they certainly do not want to squelch her desire to become a talented artist. Maybe it was an editorial faux pas when the comment about who voted for Erin was printed in the Forum. Thanks, Cheryl

  2. I didn’t say they voted for her. I said I suspected or figgered it. I wasn’t writing as a reporter — I was interviewed as a coordinator. I was just making a guess.

    If they HAD voted for her, so what? It means they supported her in her artistic aspirations. If they showed up too late, and somebody else voted for it, that’s even better; it means someone other than her family liked her work.

    In the Popular Choice awards, you could vote for yourself if you liked, or thought you were the best. They’re not professional awards — just based on what people think is pretty or fun or even good. People can vote for ’em whether they know anything about art or not. A painting can compete with a pie.

    I tell you what, as a kid being voted for by anybody, parents or otherwise, would have made my day. I grew up — as so many kids do — in a culture where the only outlet a kid gets is sports. Kids with artistic or cultural talent get very little. Who funds them? Who sponsors tournaments or shows for them? Who gets the money for their interests?

    The fact that somebody CARES who voted for a kid in an art show is just GREAT!

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