Stealing Thunder

We’re always hearing  Judeo-Christians claiming theirs is a relgion of freedom and decency, as opposed to Islam, or any other religion.

They forget their own history, but that’s not something any of us can afford to do.

We are free not because of the Judeo-Christian religion — or any other religion — but despite them.

We all have to guard against the bigotry and ferocity of religion.  They must be tamed and controlled at all times, especially if one is a woman.  All religions treat us as second-class citizens, and would control us brutally if they could.

My neighbors might call me a witch, but they can no longer burn or behead me, no matter what their religion may say, no matter how much they may desire it.

What is done to Moslem women today in the name of religion is what was done to other women in the name of religion.  Any freedom from religious abuse is due to those who fight against it, not to the religion itself.  It would keep the hard reins of repression pulled in tight if it could manage it. 

Even today, religion in the Judeo-Christian communities would control women in all ways if they could get away with it.  They are in a constant struggle to put anti-female laws into place, in all countries.

Someday the Moslem communities will be able to fight past the barbarism of religion.  But they will never be able to let their guard down.

None of us can.  All we can hope is that, as in the west, religions are shorn of their ability to wound and harm, and have to accept humanizing and civilizing forces, instead of being the forces for brutality and control they were designed to be.

It’s good to see them bragging about freedom — even the freedom of women — but that’s a mask.

And given a chance, they’ll let it slip.


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