Hoof In Mouth Disease

The American Ambassador to Afghanistan just said that American needed to be in Afghanistan because it’s a “primitive, barbaric” country.

The guy is supposed to be a diplomat! Isn’t it enough that El Jazira is bruting about the quote that America was arrogant and stupid?

We’ve always called anybody we want to invade and conquer primitive and barbaric, and claimed we were doing it for their good. Like the British. Who got it from the Romans.

It’s like a warning signal to invade — we always think we know better and we’re going to fix people or else.  I bet we’d love to have somebody invade us and fix us (I know some right-wing fundamentalists they could start with).

We got more than stone columns from the Romans — and what we’re saying now is going to end up in more columns in newspapers and on the internet in the middle east.

The newspapers love name-callers.  If it bleeds, it leads.


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