Took me three years but I finally put up Samhain decorations!

Not all that fancy — basically made of old black nightgowns, an old fishing float, the plant stand I found in the back yard, some bracken fern and a stick.

We had a banshee made out of all kinds of white things that I had to leave with the neighbors when we came out here.  She had been hung up in the Himalyan fir tree, Tree, every year for 6 years, and was something of an institution.  Cops and postal workers would bring wives and friends around to see her at night.

After dealing with all those dying animals and the Arts Festival, it’s a little US time now!

We love Samhain (prounounced Sow-hain — that Gaelic spelling thing, you know). 

We’d better get a lot of kids, because we bought a HUGE bag of chocolate at Safeway on sale.   Or take what’s left to StormFest bazaars.


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