Okay.  I am one person.  I can’t get StormFest together as part of the Olympic Peninsual All Arts Festivals for November — so I’m hi-jacking somebody else’s event.

There are two reasons for getting your butt up to Clallam Bay in November.   One, of course, is the stunning foliage, the spooky weather, the sight of the Strait of Juan de Fuca at its stormiest — dramatic skies, fierce waves, startling color changes.  You might even see some of the Rare Breed — the crazy surfers who take the curls over the Slip Point rocks.  Bring your wellies and hoodies, and hit the espresso place as you drive into town for a big mug of hot coffee.

You also need to hit the mini  craft bazaars, one by the Lion’s Club.  Local artists, cooks, bakers.  Gazillions of the coolest hand-made stuff for steal prices you won’t even see at the Pike’s Place Market. 

The longest craft fair is the week of the 17-21st in the mini-mall on the corner of Highway 112 and Frontier Street.

There are other, secret things you have to come up here to see.  Ah ah ah — no spoiler alerts.  You have to drive up here and stay at the bed and breakfast or check out the resorts at the Chamber of Commerce site.

StormFesting.  It’s the thing to do on Highway 112.


2 thoughts on “StormFest

  1. … … Okay, now I’m tempted to want to move north. Or even just find a way to visit so I can SEE this at least once for myself.

  2. Don’t move up here — we haven’t got a bank or a grocery store. The area is wild and remote, and won’t support a big permanent population. You have to work to set up a support network to stay, and it takes some juggling.

    But it is so worth a visit! The Winter Summer Inn is the place to stay — the most elegant little bed-and-breakfast you ever saw, right on the Clallam River, and a five-minute walk to the beach. Andre’s Inn for nicest motel, RIGHT next to the river and beach.

    Best eats: By-The-Bay Cafe for burgers, The Breakwater for pastrami sandwiches and Dixie’s bread pudding — a desert taken to a light, delicate Parisian level. NOT your mama’s bread pudding. Clallam Bay Inn for fish-n-chips and broasted chicken.

    And in season, all the blackberries, salmon berries, mushrooms and nettles you can pick.

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