Leaf-peeping at StormFest

We have lovely summers here, but summer is pretty much summer wherever you go. Bright and shiny and you can wear shorts.  Then there’s autumn.  That’s a whole ‘nother story.

Autumn 2006 

On the way to another beach — rough cobble instead of pebble — the firs were dark green, the big-leaf maples glowing with gold, the leaves of the vine maples like a myriad of ruby and amber shavings.

The colors start on 112 after Pillar Point. 112 isn’t a road you want to take from Port Angeles if you don’t know it. It’s broken and in many places it’s banked in the wrong direction. When the signs say 15 mph, they mean 15 mph. Slow down and watch the gold and silver sunbeams lancing through the pumpkin-sized orange leaves.

If anybody gets on you bumper, stick to the 40 miles per hour, no matter if the road suddenly straightens out, and let the crazy local drivers (whose overcharged engines will let us do 60 around the curves simply because we’re not paying attention and the inertia gets away from us) just go around, nice and easy.

It’s worth the trip. Besides, the November bazaars are coming up. Artists and artisans will be selling their hand-made gifts at the Lion’s Club and the Christmas Sale in the mall space at the corner of Highway 112 and Frontier Street, just before the Clallam Bay Park. Call it the first breaths of StormFest.

Don’t forget next October, second and third weeks — there may be you-pick cranberries up the Hoko-Ozetter Road. Wanda Krick is thinking about experimenting with the fresh berries — cranberry-lemon relish for smoked salmon sound good? She’s got free-run eggs. Her duck eggs are as pure-tasting as chicken eggs, but with a fresh flavor.

More people are getting bee-hives. So far they’re just eating their own honey, but the surplus is bound to come. Beaver’s got a farm with some fine fresh goat milk and cheese.

Come on up and do a little Storm-Festing.


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