Hi, folks — poor old Spuds was put to sleep, quietly, by Forks’s good Dr. Ed, on Wednesday.

Thanks to everybody who helped out.

We had to put Belle to sleep on Monday because of blood clots.  Lina died in April, quietly, of old age, at home.

Yesterday we helped a neighbor bury their dog.

And another neighbor’s cat got dog-killed behind our house.

This is getting ridiculous.


5 thoughts on “Spuds

  1. Thanks, guys. Spuds went really well; Belle went really badly, and unexpectedly, and I’ll never forgive myself for fucking it all up. I wish she’d taken an eye out instead of just bruising and slashing me; I deserved it.

    Well, I guess it’s time to get those copies of “Dead Like Me” out of the library again. Nothing like ’em for grief therapy. Maybe I should finally bite the bullet and just get the dvd’s.

  2. So who’s going to be top cat of the household after the power struggle now that Spuds is gone?

    I’d nominate Leo, but mainly for his great white Blofeld look which would be humanising a pet a bit too far.

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