Most people

We got good people up here.

Like the neighbor who brings us treats every time she makes Chinese food, including piping hot home-made fried wontons and pork-fried rice.

Like the librarian who refuses to get rid of the library copy of Girls Will Be Girls even though there have been complaints.

Like the church folks who find food and time to party regardless of who anyone is, with a genuine wish to help make it a better place.

Like the school principal who supports the arts.

Like the older couple who have, with the help of the conservation organization and years of hard labor, turned their farm into the kind of farm we’ve always dreamed about — clean water from roof drainage and developed streams, acres of growing trees, and a quarry it’s taken 30 years to fill in, reseed and turn into a meadow.   They understand agro-tourism and the need to preserve for the future.

Like the local jam producer who is always thinking of new ways to invent and market delicious, environmentally-clean,  locally-picked products.  And sells some of the best free-run eggs.

Like the sisters who have bought an old hardware complex and are turning it into an arts center.

Like the couple who have revived the only working cranberry bog in Clallam County and are working with conservation offices to plan hundreds of trees along Trout Creek.

Like the woman who is cooperating with the tribes to repair the riparian area on her six wild acres, while building her own house by hand from scratch.

And that’s just the beginning.

Now we just need someone to buy the old cannery and turn it into a first-class mini-brewery!


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