Witch of the West


I just found out on this site that I’m known locally as a witch and a loonie.   And that I have no friends.

The writer acted like she (I’m assuming — the misspellings are of the female type) thought this would come as a surprise to me. 

Well, d’uh!  If we insist on running our mouths about our opinions and talking about things that upset people, of course this is what they’ll think.  And Christians commonly use the term “witch” when trying to put a non-Christian female in her place.  This is a surprise?  It’s been used on other women in this area — usually activist women.  So it’s something of a compliment, when you think about it.

Or is it just a rhyme with “bitch?”  Since “bitch” is a term that guys use when they’ve been pulling something and us mouthy females catch them at it, it’s another compliment.

As for my having no friends — well, not in THIS person’s circle!  All my friends can spell.

Do I have to tell you the writer was signed as “Anonymous?”  Big surprise, huh?  That Anonymous sure gets around.

Did the writer piss me off?  Sure!  I’m only human.  But why do these people always use the same insults to express the same views?  Why are they never original?  Is Anonymous really the pen name of the same mind?  If so, Anonymous is one of the most prolific, if acromonious authors on the planet.

Man.  I wish I could get Anonymous’s royalties.


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